Individual Psychological Diagnosis


Part I

Technical literature

Towards a new programmable tachistoscope version 1.4

Computer programs for the new Tachistoscope

Building of the tachistoscope

Another way: LCD-Beamer with SSR

Part II

Reliability of the tachistoscope

Reliability of SSR switching times

Part III

A simple
anxiety test

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 Schematic overview
 of IPD-approach

Catholic University of Nijmegen between 1980-1982
Gé Calis on the left of the photo and the author is standing on the right side.

The theory is ready and there are some good suggestions for a modern and reliable tachistoscope. The thing missing here is a commercial tachistoscope that is reachable for everyone. Or a manual to build one yourself. So the market has to produce such a device, then it will be possible to replicate the research findings and to do diagnostic work in  daily life practice.

Whats next?
When the tachistoscope is available on the market then we can develop software to do research and diagnostic work. And we can build databases with all kinds of stimulus material.

Is it profitable?
When this approach is adopted in the near future there will be a need of this sort of device for schools, policestations and the psychological practice.